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Keep plenty of soups in your pantry, especially the "cream of" variety. Diluted with water or milk, they can make many quick casseroles. With beef or chicken broth, diluted, you can make great gravies!
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Turnip Greens, Ham Hocks & Granny's Buns

Your own grandmother’s recipes you thought were lost forever, in their original form. Granny’s kitchen arithmetic and funny wisdom, 17 of her favorite menus, including Sunday Dinner with the Preacher and Summer Porch Supper, a few of her “secret” recipes from the 1940’s, ’50’s & 60’s.…a classic keepsake with 317 recipes, 224 pages.


Price: $19.95 plus S&H

Granny's Taste of Christmas

Includes 293 of Granny’s treasured family holiday recipes.  Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and 61 southern Christmas cakes.  Delicious gifts for shut-ins, kitchen arithmetic and old-fashioned Christmas carols for family “sing-alongs”. Christmas has never been so much fun!


Special Post Holiday Price: $15.95 plus S&H