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Waleska, Georgia
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Where you will find 127 pages of the southís finest, most trusted recipes.  Itís all FREE so dig in and enjoy


May 2020 marked the 10th anniversary of the MISS DEEíS KITCHEN website. While preparing the May 2020 monthly recipe page, I found myself scraping the bottom of my recipe barrel to keep coming up with something different and delicious to feature each month.

Just like writing cookbooks, people who publish cookbooks (and Iíve published several), almost always put the very best recipes they can possibly come up with in their first book. Thatís sort of the way I see this site. For 10 years I have put my heart and soul in sharing the best recipes Iíve collected these many years of cooking for a husband and a large family. Some were my Motherís and reaching back and including those, (many were her ďsecretĒ ones) made this site all the more special! Some were other family members, aunts who were great cooks and would always share a recipe when I asked for one.

So, let me just say how much I love you for sticking with me all these years. For becoming and being my friends, for the wonderful complimentary and encouraging comments you have made, I will forever be grateful!

Emery is committed to keeping the site maintained and on the web indefinitely, so donít be afraid that all those treasured recipes are going to disappear! It has truly been fun for me and I look forward to continuing our friendship on Facebook.