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Waleska, Georgia
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Welcome to my kitchen, where I spend most of my time, reading, testing and collecting recipes.  With boxes of printed recipes from the web and subscriptions to cooking magazines constantly accumulating, I have to go to the flea market every few years, sell off the excess and start all over again!


My mother was a great cook but her idea of teaching me to cook was to give me a copy of Meta Given’s, Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking and as a backup, A Joy of Cooking!   Mother didn’t share her recipes with anyone but me.  I’ve printed most of them in my cookbooks, labeled “Mother’s” recipes (to the delight of the people she wouldn’t share them with!)


More than 63 years ago I married a man who loves to eat and we produced six children who also loved to eat!  In 1972, when times were tough, I needed to help with the family income, so I did what I knew best…cook & bake!   I took the Wilton cake decorating class and catered weddings, corporate lunches and birthday cakes. Armed with my sour cream pound cake recipe, real butter and fresh eggs from Hattie, across the road who raised chickens, my business took off like wild fire; I’ve been cooking and baking and loving it ever since. 


Each month on this website, you’ll find recipes tested by the man who still loves to eat!  I’ll be happy to feature some of your recipes too. Also, if there’s a special recipe in your past that you’ve lost track of, I’ll try & find it for you, just e-mail me.


Of the seven cookbooks I have self-published, some are out-of-print, but you’ll find two of the most recent on the site. If you’d like a copy of Mother’s “secret” recipes, you’ll find them in these two books.


Again, a warm welcome to my website.  I'm glad you found it and hope you will visit often.