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Ever wonder why loaves of bread have different colored ties? 

 The color indicates the day the bread was baked!

Wednesday and Sunday are skipped because those are the bakers days off.


Monday blue

Tuesday green

Thursday red

Friday- white

Saturday yellow

Recipe of the Month
As explained  in more detail on the Home page, Miss Dee is no longer Publishing a "new" recipe of the month. However, you will find here a 127 page collection of Miss Dee's very best southern dishes.
On the Index Page, you will find them all conveniently listed by the month as they were originally published, and individually by name.
We hope you will use this site much like you would a favborite cook book.  Just put an icon on your desk top so you can pop it up quiickly and then go directly to the Recipe Archives, Index Page.  You'll find pretty much anything you are looking for there.
Finally, you are always welcome to contact Miss Dee whenever you have a question or a comment.  She would love to hear from  you and will answer every email.
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