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Quick Chicken
Remove meat from a deli-roasted chicken while the chicken is still warm; the meat will come off easier. Chop the meat and put one-cup measures in small zip-lock bags, white & dark meat separated. Mark the bags with a magic marker, "one-cup white meat chicken", etc. and freeze; handy for soups, chicken salad, and many other dishes that call for chicken.
In the 1940’s in the little south Georgia town of Ochlocknee, my mother was known for her cooking and especially her baking. Our little Methodist Church had a lot of covered dish suppers and everyone always looked forward to my mother’s “homemade” Brunswick Stew. Everyone wanted her recipe!

Back then ladies didn’t share their recipes and my mother certainly wasn’t going to tell them her Brunswick Stew came out of cans! It basically started with Castlebury’s  Brunswick Stew, Castlebury’s BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken and BBQ Beef. Then the other ingredients were added: cream corn, chopped tomatoes, and the seasonings. That was it! I have her recipe and most of the sizes and/or ingredients are no longer available. This month we’re giving you a recipe that is just as good as hers and has some convenient ingredients too. As you can see from the photo, it’s pretty and delicious looking and has the approval of the “in-house taste tester”, Emery! If it passes his tester, it passes most anyone else’s!   

I hope you’ll try it. 
Bon Appetit!

Brunswick Stew


2 cups chopped cooked chicken breast. (I use deli-roasted chicken white meat)

2 cups Swanson’s Chicken Broth

2 (10.5-oz. cans) Castlebury’s Pork in BBQ Sauce

1 (15 or 16-oz.) pkg. frozen vegetable gumbo mix

1 (16-oz.) can cream style corn

1 (14.5-oz. or 16-oz.) can petite diced tomatoes 

1 ( 8.5-oz.) can Del Monte Lima Beans, drained

½ cup ketchup


Put all of the ingredients in a large crockpot, stir to mix well and cook on high for 2 hrs.  or low for 4 hrs.  Do not open lid of crockpot when it starts as it releases a great deal of heat and you lose about 15 minutes of cooking time.  If you are cooking this on top of the stove in a Dutch Oven, bring everything to a boil over medium heat, stirring often and then cover and reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally for about 25 minutes.  Makes 8 to 10 servings      Or makes 3 quarts, see photo

Serve with: Favorite Southern Cornbread, Aug. 2010

Note: Castlebury’s Pork in BBQ Sauce is found in the grocery store on the canned meat aisle.

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