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Good Southern side dishes to serve with Chicken & Dumplings would be

 Black- eyed peas, Turnip Greens, Green Beans, English Peas, Steamed Broccoli, Southern Butterbeans and any good Southern green vegetable.

If you grew up in the 1940’s or 1950’s you knew all about “Diner” food. From “dime store” lunch counters to stand alone diners that looked like a recycled train dining car, they were so popular and served the best “comfort” food ever!!! The post card showing is one I bought in a diner on Route 66 somewhere in the mid-west.  And that “toots” waitress, I found in an antique mall and just had to have it. My Daddy always called my Mother, “Toots”!!!

This month we’re featuring the “ultimate” diner comfort food, Chicken & Dumplings! Every Southern cook has her own recipe and this month I’m sharing mine! 

Bon Appetit!

Miss Dee’s Chicken & Dumplings



1, 5 to 5-½ lb. hen (any bigger and chicken will be tough)

2 qts. (8 cups) of water

A little salt & black pepper

1 packet Goya powdered Chicken Bouillon (Italian section of grocery store)

  (must use Goya brand, it has all the delicious seasonings in it)


2 cups self-rising flour

¾ cup warm (not hot or cold) broth from cooking the chicken



one can of left-over broth. This is added at the end of cooking



Chicken: Start the chicken to cooking in the water, breast side down, with salt and pepper and the Goya powder. Bring to a boil, turn down to simmer, cover and simmer till chicken is fork-tender, 1 to 1½ hrs.


Dumplings:  Stir the flour and warm broth together with a spoonjust until it comes together and makes a “dough”. Don’t stir too long or the dumplings will be tough. Then, turn out on a floured cloth (I keep a large piece of unbleached muslin for rolling out everything!). Cover and let dough “rest” for 30 minutes to rise. Then roll dough out 1/8-inch thin, using more flour as necessary. Using a pizza cutter, cut strips of dough (see photo), 2 to 3 inches long by 1½ inches wide.  Makes about 30 to 45 strips.

When chicken is done, remove from the broth (easy with tongs) and remove all skin and bones and cut into small bitesize pieces. Set aside.

Remove 2 cups of the chicken broth from the pot, leaving 1½ quarts of broth to cook the dumplings in. Carefully place the dumplings in the broth, one by one. They will be crowded but gently push them around with the back of a spoon until all have been added. Don’t “stir”! Put the lid on top and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Then place the cooked chicken and the Campbell’s Soup mixture on top. Gently stir to mix all of it together and it’s done and ready to eat!

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