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Make my easy 7-UP Biscuits to go with this meal…

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When we think of pork, we generally think BBQ!!


Pork chops, however, are really a nice change from so many good chicken and beef recipes and yes, even BBQ!!


 This month I’d like to share a simple delicious, easy-to-fix pork cutlet recipe.


I recently bought a pkg. of Organic pork cutlets. In fact, I now shop for Organic chicken and beef too…trying to eat healthier! I needed 1 lb. for my recipe and I found a package of 4 really pretty little pork cutlets that were just the right size that would make 2 meals for us!


As side dishes, I added, my Sweet Potato Casserole and some fresh pole beans that our daughter brought back from South Ga!.....such a treat and such a sweet daughter!!!!


I’m giving you the recipe for 4 cutlets (or about a pound) but you can  double it, or half it, depending in the number of servings you desire.  Instead of the usual egg and flour coating, this recipe has a

surprise coating!!! So give iy a try.


I think you will like my recipe for Delicious Pork Cutlets. 

Bon Appetit!!!!


Delicious Pork Cutlets



1 ½ Tbsp. vegetable or olive oil

4 pork boneless thick pork cutlets, (1 lb.)

1 large egg, lightly beaten

2 Tbsp. prepared yellow mustard

¾ cup instant mashed potato flakes






















Beat the egg lightly with the yellow mustard and place in a plastic baggie. Put the instant potato flakes in a shallow dish. Put the pork cutlets in the bag, pressing to get most of the excess air out of the bag. Turn the bag over several times during the next 15 minutes to coat well.

Cook the chops on medium hot heat for about 4 minutes per side. Using a small sharp knife check the center of one of the chops to be sure they're done.  If pink inside cook 1 minute more.

Heat the oil in the skillet, using a pastry brush or piece of waxed paper to completely coat the bottom of the skillet.  With tongs, coat the wet chops in the potato flakes (I turn several times, pressing down so they adhere well). Place in medium hot skillet.


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