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Mother's Favorite Brownies

October, 2010





Miss Kitty's Congealed Salad

October, 2013 .

This month I’m going to do something a little bit different. In honor of Mother’s Day next Sunday, I’m going to feature 2 very sweet mothers….my Mother and Emery’s Mother.   Please allow me to reminisce…


My mother was known (at least in our little town, Ochlocknee, GA pop 600) for her cooking and baking skills. My Uncle Roy Cooper said it all when he said “Shirley’s cornbread is so good, it’s just like eating cake!”

My cousin Emily Smith recently reminded me of Mother’s sense of humor when she related this story: Sometime in the 1940’s, a birthday party for my Uncle Roy was being held at our home. Mother came out of the kitchen proudly carrying Uncle Roy’s beautiful birthday cake that she had made, birthday candles a-blazin’.

When all the “oos and ahhs” had subsided, Uncle Roy proceeded to cut the cake. It was layers and layers of cornbread, each layer iced to perfection. After all of the laughter, Mother went back into the kitchen and brought out the real  Birthday cake!

Mother & Me 1945
Mother, 1970's 

Emery’s Mother, “Miss Kitty”, who lived in Tallahassee, didn’t own a car so had never learned to drive. But she was always gone….you almost had to make an appointment with her!

She had many friends at her church and they were always on the go, eating out and especially Sunday after church, when they went to their favorite restaurant at the coast.

 She was also known for her baking skills and every Christmas, as a “thank  you”, she baked each one of them her “famous” coconut cake.
Mother Evans in her teens
Mother Evans, 1970's
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